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Meet offe market.

How to say it

Pronounced like “off” with a silent e, offe market is inspired by what we do at our core, off-price retail. 


We love a good deal

Everything on our site is 30-80% off, all the time.


How it works

We carry discounted overstock or end of season products from thoughtful, high quality brands and pass those savings on to you.


The offe market difference

Millions of pounds of clothing go to waste each year so we work with our brands to ensure more clothing is worn, not wasted.

We’re here to help you understand what off-price retail even is.

Soo, what is off-price?

Brands sell excess inventory at a deeply discounted price to an off-price retailer (i.e., offe market, TJ Maxx, Ross, Nordstrom Rack), who then sells the items to consumers at significantly lower prices.


Where does the merchandise come from?

Forecasting inventory is tricky and brands are often left with more than they need due to slow sellers, season changes, cancelled orders, manufacturing errors, etc.


What sets offe market apart from competitors?

We curate high-quality assortments from covetable brands for thrifty shoppers (you!) looking for deals. We are focusing on e-commerce as our first channel of selling, creating an online marketplace of discovery rather than the tedious “treasure hunt” of conventional off-price stores.


Do you make any of the merchandise you sell?

No, offe market is a marketplace to discover brands, and we want to solve the problem of excess inventory while being able to offer deals to our customers. We believe in sustainable retail and want to help you invest in affordable, high-quality pieces that last longer rather than shopping at fast-fashion retailers


You've got questions? We've got answers.

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Looking to do a return?

When Return Assurance is purchased, we accept returns of unused and undamaged items according to our returns policy. Read more about Seel Return Assurance or start your return here.

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