The 15" Laptop Sleeve in Tan

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Samara | 15" Laptop Sleeve

The MacBook Laptop Sleeve is part of the Tech Collection. As a young online brand, our lives revolve around our tech, specifically, our Laptops. We could never find a beautiful, yet safe way to carry our most used items. We wanted something minimalist, classy and elegant. So, we decided to design our own!

- Laptop Sleeves fits inside The Tote
- Premium Vegan Leather
- Vegan Suede Interior
- One piece of material held together with a single brass closure

- Width: 14" Height: 9 5/8"
- Designed to fit the 2018 and later 15" Macbook Pro.

Please note that 15" is the diagonal length of the Laptop and Laptop Sleeves. We have provided the length and width dimensions of both Laptop Sleeve sizes above. Please ensure you measure your laptop and confirm what year your Apple laptop was produced, as Apple changes their sizing often with each model! Please email with any sizing inquiries!

The Laptop Sleeve is made from a single piece of material. Hand cut, folded and held together with our iconic SAMARA closure.

The interior of the Sleeve is made out of the softest vegan suede, to ensure that your Laptop is safe and cosy.

The same great vegan leather you've come to love with our other bags is featured here. You can look great knowing no living thing was harmed while making your bag.

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